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Are you fed up of failure after failure with your books?

Do you want to rake the profits publishing in one of the HOTTEST genres on Amazon? 

Do you want to rake the profits publishing in one of the HOTTEST genres on Amazon? 


Have you experienced this self-publishing mistake?

You probably understand that, in order to have any chance of success, you need to be writing in a genre that is profitable!

Too many people leap into indie-publishing because they have a “great idea for a story” but they don’t research how to sell the book once its written!

As a consequence, the book bombs and the publisher feels like a failure.

If you have made that mistake before - don’t worry, we did too!

The good news is that there is a way to ensure your books sell. It's all about giving readers what they want and then getting those eyeballs on your book!

We can let you in on the inside track to success! 

The sports romance market is as hot as hell at the moment, and if profit is your prime motivator then this a genre you need to be writing in.

The top twenty books are all ranking at 506 or better! The top 100 books ALL rank at less than 1,335!

So how do you get a slice of the action? How do you ensure that your book hits a home run?

You give the readers EXACTLY what they want and then get as many of those readers’ eyeballs on your book.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In reality, it’s not.

If it were, everyone would be doing it.

This is where WE come in!

We are Neil and Jen Bakewell. We excel at taking genres and breaking them down. We identify the elements needed in individual genres to make your books “winners." We aren’t just talking about the content of the book itself, but the tone and language, the covers, the book blurbs and the essential promotion.

Before we engaged in this in-depth analysis, we were guilty of the same mistake as most people.

We would write and publish our books without any thought as to the popularity of the genre or how we were going to sell the finished piece. As a result, our sales were underwhelming to say the least. Then we realised that the key to success was to write in profitable genres. So we tried our hand at that, but once again our books failed to sell in any quantity.

To be honest, we were on the verge of walking away. We were realising that self-publishing wasn’t for us.

However, we have a stubborn streak. When something doesn’t work at first like we know it should, it only makes us want it more. Since you have read this far, we suspect that you are very much like us. Those failures only serve to make us persist.

So, we made one last attempt and this time we got serious.

We got our hands on basic information on a profitable looking genre and then researched it.

We read books in the genre. We took notes on the common themes. We noted the pace, tone and sub-ties. We created a template for the ideal book. We analysed the covers. We worked out the customer avatar… and asked ourselves who was actually reading these books. Finally, we determined how to get these readers to notice our book so that they might actually buy it.

Guess what? The process took an age from concept to compilation, but was it worth it?

You bet. Our first book hit number one in the category.

Of course we didn’t stop there. We knew the real secret was repeating what we had done before.

When we added new genres into the mix, our income exploded.

These days we work a few hours a day from a luxury five-star spa in the English countryside while our books bring home the profits we deserve.

Our success was all down to breaking profitable genres down until we understood what the readers really wanted!

"Neil and Jen’s method works. Even though I had tried my hand at one fiction genre and two non-fiction niche books, I had no success until I implemented their method the way it was outlined in their training. I followed it precisely and held my breath. The first three books all made it to best sellers in their category. Two ranked long enough to earn best seller stickers and my #1 book got knocked down a peg – by one of my other books. All three made it on the hot new sellers list several times. At one point, they were all ranking at number 1, 2 and 3. It was exciting to see. Now I know that if you do it right, it works.” G Keal.

Why Sports Romance?

We’ve already shown you the numbers. At the end of the day, when considering PROFIT, the numbers are THE most important element.

However, they aren’t the only part of the equation.

The principle of sports romance is the romance between a woman and a sport “star”.

With a great variety of different sports to choose from, your stories can never become stale or samey.

Readers can all relate to falling for the tall, muscular, popular jock; using fundamentals from well-known fairy stories simplifies the writing.

We can also bring in elements from related genres to attract even more readers to our books (more info on that inside).

One can tackle this in two ways. The chart is predominately filled with hot and steamy romances. The hotter the better for the readers, it seems. But a number of authors make a killing writing clean and wholesome sports romance. We know that clean and wholesome is a big thing because many of our own books take this route. The choice is yours…hot or not!

Finally, the genre doesn’t require much behind the scenes research or understanding. Most people can understand a modern romance between a woman and a sport star. 

You need only publish a book that meets the reader’s expectations and then get enough interested eyeballs on it. The book will sell. 

How do you do it?

Introducing our Slam-Dunk Sports Romance training

You could go into this market yourself. Blind and without a guide.

After weeks of research and the time and cost of getting a book ready for publication, it might work.

But you might have missed one or two small but essential elements which could mean a waste of your time, effort and money when it fails to resonate with readers.


Instead, why not have us explain the STEP by STEP path to success.

What you get!

Seventeen Modules of Video Training - broken down so everything is completely clear and ready for you to follow as though we are holding your hand along the way.

These include:

- Common themes and Cross-Over themes

- Two Case Studies

- Plotting stories

- The Fairy Stories and Classics that work well with this genre

- Ghost-writer Options and Best Practice

- Constructing Killer Titles

- Keywords and Categories

- How to create Impactful Covers and to ensure your design gets it right!

- Pre-Launch Strategy

- Launch Strategy

- Getting eyeballs on books

Our similar training in other genres has sold for $997 in the past!

However, we have a personal mission to get as many people as possible succeeding with self-publishing in 2018.

So, we aren’t even asking $499, which would be steal.


We are offering this training at just $297.

Publishing Sports Romance

Does what we teach work?

Many of our students have enjoyed phenomenal success. They take what they learn and they implement it... here is just what a handful have said.

$16,887 a Month in royalties! 

"Working with Neil and Jen for the past two years has been a turning point for me and my self-publishing business. Their no-nonsense, can do, and keep-things-simple strategies have resulted in many 10k+ months for me. Last month alone delivered $16,887 in royalties from short read publications to Kindle. I have no hesitation in recommending their training. Obviously no guarantees can be made, but in my experience if you put in the work (yes, you will need to work, sometimes very hard!) and follow the process, you will see results!" David Martin

One of the best things I’ve done for my publishing career! 

I’m a huge fan of Indie publishing (and have been since the beginning) but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse!

I’ve been in a Mastermind group with Neil and Jen for six months now, and it’s one of the best things I’ve done for my publishing career. I’ve learned new strategies for publishing, marketing and business management, and I know that there’s more to come in 2018! Highly recommended.

Marg McAlister

Your Questions Answered

I don’t want to write myself, can a ghost-writer write the books for me?

Sure. Unlike historical romances, the ghost-writers will need very little specialist knowledge, which makes recruiting easy. We supply an outline of the essential elements required, to give to your ghost-writer to ensure that they provide the best possible result.


This is top level information provided at a price that is already a steal. It would be unfair to have newcomers come on board, access the information and then receive a refund. We don’t offer refunds on our products. The quality of our training and the results of our students speak for themselves. If you aren’t comfortable with our no-refund policy, don’t make the purchase.

I’m not comfortable with writing Hot Romances, is this for me?

People are doing very well with clean romances in this genre. There is no need to write hot and steamy if you don’t want to.

Will I get rich with one book? 

Almost certainly not. Can you gain a decent steady recurring income in a short period of time with a small number of books? Most definitely. If you are after a get-rich-quick scheme, this isn’t for you.

More comments about our training 

I couldn’t be more grateful that I took the leap.

With Neil’s expert guidance, encouragement and no-nonsense approach I went from earning around £400/month to £7,000/month within just a year. I could never have achieved this by myself. After you’ve been at it for a while, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

God is in the details! Without a mentor to guide you step by step, you can so easily miss that little tweak that would have made the difference in your earning potential. I would strongly recommend the coaching scheme, it is worth every penny!

Gabriella Richard

I quit my day job and bought an overseas condo!

What a fortuitous day it was when I came upon Neil and Jen Bakewell and the amazing publishing programs and products they offer. At the time, I had been writing voraciously, publishing often, marketing the best I knew how, and then waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the sales. (This had been going on for a few years, actually). Many of you will know exactly what I mean. The reviews on the few sales I did make, were great, but the volume was simply not there. I remember thinking that a handful of sales a week was good! Well, no more. After working with the Bakewells and following their advice religiously, my writing career has enjoyed a complete turn-around. So much so that I resigned from my day job and bought a small vacation condo overseas with my writing proceeds. I am now location-independent and can earn my living anywhere. And now I consider Neil and Jen not only my mentors, but my friends. I can heartily and completely recommend anything they produce. They’re the real deal.

Brenda Maxfield

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